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Colombia Guava Banana

Colombia Guava Banana

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Guava, Berry, Tropical

Process: Natural Anaerobic

This single-origin coffee is a 100% Caturra variety, meticulously processed through a 48-60 hour natural anaerobic fermentation. Combined with careful drying, this method brings out vibrant notes of tropical fruits, including guava, banana, strawberry, and watermelon, culminating in a rich dark chocolate finish.

Each sip delivers a memorable explosion of flavors, perfect for any brewing method, whether you prefer pour-over, French press, or espresso. Dive into this juicy, fruit-forward coffee and let its vibrant character invigorate your palate.

"This coffee took a wild ride through a 48 to 60-hour anaerobic fermentation, with the ph levels on lockdown. We then hit it with an intermittent drying dance, moving through different moisture levels for that extra complexity. Finally, we stashed it in silos for that perfect bean moisture and let it chill for 45 days to level up the flavor complexity. It's like a flavor boot camp – tough, controlled, and absolutely delicious!"