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Ethiopia Guji Yeast Process

Ethiopia Guji Yeast Process

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Orchid, Honey, Plum

Process: Washed | Yeast

This Ethiopian coffee, hailing from the renowned Oromia region and processed at the Biru Bekele wash station, is a product of both tradition and innovation. 

The coffee undergoes a distinctive Yeast 'Inoculated' Washed Processing, using the "Intenso" yeast strain for fermentation, a method that not only elevates the coffee's flavor profile with cleaner, brighter notes but also promotes sustainability by reducing water usage. This 72-hour fermentation process strips away the fruit and mucilage, making the beans easier to process and enhancing their natural flavors. As coffee production evolves, such innovative techniques, focusing on specific yeast strains, are paving the way for coffees with more complex and nuanced flavors, marking a shift towards environmentally friendly practices and intentional flavor development.