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Juicy Berries

Juicy Berries

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Wild Berry Pop-tart, Baking Spices

Process: Co-fermented with Fruits

Brayan, a proud native of Acevedo, Huila, Colombia, is here to spill the beans on his coffee-filled tale. Nestled in the heart of San Adolfo, a bustling coffee farm, Brayan's roots run deep in this caffeine-rich soil. It's like the land itself whispered its secrets to him, shaping his destiny. From a young age, Brayan soaked up coffee wisdom like a sponge, thanks to his pops' after-school lessons. Little did he know, those coffee chats would ignite a fire within him. Now, alongside 60 like-minded souls (including his own kin), Brayan's on a quest to share their prized coffee cherries with the world. It's no easy feat, but they're up for the challenge. And that's where the magic happens – with a little help from Forest and the Ancla processing facility, Brayan's beans get the royal treatment, resulting in flavor profiles that'll knock your socks off. His dream? Simple yet mighty: to spread the rich, bold taste of San Adolfo Huila's finest brews far and wide. So keep those mugs ready, folks – Brayan's brewing up something special!

"Indulging our coffees with special treatment, we initiate a 24-hour pre-fermentation in a plastic bag for a preliminary flavor enhancement. Followed by a 24-hour cherry aerobics session, we elevate the experience. Moving on, depulping and a 5-day anaerobic fermentation with dehydrated berries intensify the flavor profile. The journey concludes with a 10-day mechanical drying process, including a 5-day hiatus for flavor maturation. Elevate your coffee experience with this meticulous process, transforming it into a symphony of flavors on an unparalleled level."