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Colombia Narino Azahar

Colombia Narino Azahar

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Grape, Peach, Honey

Process: Washed

Roast: A slightly more developed roast than most of our single origin offerings, this Colombian has a hint of bittersweet notes like chocolate and "coffee" flavor but still offers a predominately fruit forward flavor with low to medium acidity and more body than our lighter roasts.

Cup offers layered sweetness, hints of almond, toffee, and cocoa in the aroma and flavors shift from cherry and apple to deep grape, peach, and raspberry as the cup cools. 

We take pride in sourcing only the finest coffee beans from around the world, and our Colombian Narino Azahar is no exception. Grown in the high-altitude region of Narino in Colombia, this coffee is meticulously processed for and roasted carefully to highlight the efforts of the producers who grow it.