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Aeropress Brew Guide: Ratios & Instructions

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Aeropress Brew Guide: Ratios & Instructions

This brew guide is our recommendation to brew fantastic coffee with your Aeropress. You can find us using this same recipe at the shop every day, which is good news for you because we know this recipe will make some killer coffee with our current offerings! 

First, you are going to need to have: 

  • An Aeropress

  • Kettle                                          

  • Paper Aeropress filter

  • Grinder

  • Timer

  • Scale 

  • Stir stick

  • A bag of coffee by Kinship Roasters or your favorite roaster


Click here for a download of the recipe! 


This recipe is an inverted recipe. So first you are going to want to invert the Aeropress and make sure that it has a good seal. 

Next, you are going to want to wet your filter to remove any paper taste.

Then weigh out 16 grams of coffee and grind on a coarse grind setting, about as coarse as you would grind for drip or a little finer than a french press grind setting. 

aeropress brew guide

Pour the ground coffee into your inverted Aeropress on top of your scale. Start your timer, then pour 170 grams of water quickly over the grounds.  

stirring aeropress

Stir three times, making sure all grounds are evenly incorporated into the water. 

Wait till the timer is at two minutes and stir another three times.

aeropress brew guide

Then securely place the cap with the filter onto the Aeropress and flip the Aeropress on top of a mug or server and press slowly for thirty seconds.

aeropress brew guide

Once you hear a slight hissing sound at the end of your press, stop pressing and you are done! Your total time should be right at two and a half minutes. 

Enjoy your delicious cup of coffee!

By Jimmy Thomas