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Steadfast - Dark Roast

Steadfast - Dark Roast

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12oz (340g)

Flavor Notes: Strawberry, Grape, Sugar Cookie

Process: Mixed Process Blend

Roast Level: Dark

Strong, affordable, reliable: exactly what we want from a dark roast. Steadfast hits hard with a heavy handed roast for those who need some burly bittersweet and smokey coffee flavor. 

The Brazilian beans are the foundation of this blend, delivering a rich profile of deep cocoa and almond. Complementing this is the Guatemalan Huehuetenango, shining through with its captivating notes of burnt caramel, maple, and raisin adding depth and nuance to each sip. The blend is perfected with a subtle yet unmistakable combination of chocolate and maple, contributing a syrupy complexity that makes Steadfast an extraordinary coffee choice for those who love high end dark roast coffees.

Steadfast has been crafted to be as versatile as it is flavorful. The strength of this blend is uncompromising—delivering a syrupy and strong cup that's as good with milk as it is standing alone. Its sweet, layered tones enhance the flavor, making it ideal for any brewing method you prefer.